Dobreva Commercial has made the acquisition, disposition, and leasing of commercial property in Chicago more efficient and convenient than ever. We pride ourselves on possessing wide-ranging portfolios that encompass the entire Chicagoland area.


We believe that each client and property is unique and should be approached accordingly. The fundamental objective of all our marketing strategies is to maximize the proceeds while presenting an attractive opportunity to an investor. This goal will be accomplished by creating a customized marketing campaign for the subject property, highlighting current and potential benefits and values to the most suitable buyers in the market.
Our marketing process is designed to find the best buyers in an expeditious time frame with maximum possible exposure. In addition to the conventional marketing strategy, we reach into our entrepreneurial network to deliver potential buyers, outside of traditional sources that may not be available to other brokers. We systematically present the opportunity to all potential investors and brokers to consider the asset.


The strategic disposition of assets is an essential part of every investment plan. Utilizing a firm that is experienced and reliable will bring success when the primary goal is to maximize your returns and continue building on an existing investment plan. By leveraging our expertise with our extensive market insight, DOBREVA COMMERCIAL, INC. can help you determine the right time to begin the property disposition process. At DOBREVA COMMERCIAL, INC. we take an active role in all aspects of the property disposition process. This includes the financial analysis, property and market evaluation, pricing, development of an extensive marketing package, a comprehensive marketing plan, and all required brokerage activities through the closing of the sale while keeping you informed at all times. Regardless of the size of the property or scope of the portfolio, we provide high quality service and attention to detail to all of our clients.


The ability to craft a strategy that will identify,evaluate, and acuire desired properties for our client’s portfolio is what separates DOBREVA COMMERCIAL as the experts in our market.We focus on off-market projects that stay under the radar of the general public, providing buyers with unique oppertunities to analyse and acuire.Our experince with the properties in the Chicago market have provided us with an understanding of all the factors affecting a property’s value. Additionally ,the decades of expertise process in both the underwriting and due diligence process help us to create seamless acuisition and financial strategy from the beginning,thus maximizing time,capital and resources.


The DOBREVA COMMERCIAL analytical team has extensive property valuation experience from the smallest retail or mixed-use properties to large apartment developments or shopping centers.  Every year, we perform more than 120 real estate valuation and advisory assignments.

Regardless of the fluctuating values, DOBREVA COMMERCIAL strives to produce objective valuations that are tested by reflective market results. The ultimate goal of our team is to provide our clients with market intelligence that will give them the confidence to act decisively and focus on opportunities that will provide the most profit.